Make your firefox faster

To speed up Firefox , you can follow the steps shown below:

1. Open Firefox and in the address bar, type in ‘about:config‘.

2. Click on the button: ‘I’ll be careful, I promise’.

3. Use the search bar located on the page to look for  ‘network.http.pipelining‘ and double click on it to set its value  to ‘True‘.

4. Create a new Boolean value named ‘network.http.pipelining.firstrequest‘ and set that to ‘True‘, as well.

5. Find ‘network.http.pipelining.maxrequests‘ and double click on it. Then change its value to ‘8‘.

6. Look for ‘network.http.proxy.pipelining‘ and set it ‘True‘.

7. Create two new integers named ‘nglayout.initialpaint.delay‘ and ‘content.notify.interval‘; set them to ‘0‘.

8. Now restart your browser to experience the difference, if yours is a fast internet you can feel the difference easily.

There are certain other things that causes the Firefox to work to slow, especially certain addons, so always install only those addons that are really necessary for you.

Sometimes you will see that Firefox is taking some time to load, this may be because the auto-update option is checked. This will make Firefox to check for updates causing the delay.

So make


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