Setting up the Java Dev Environment in Slackware 14 – Part 1

From Slackware 14 jdk is not available as txz package in the installation medium, instead of the jdk package  ‘extra’ directory contains the Slackbuild script to convert the official jdk package by Oracle to Slackware txz formated package.

So here goes the steps for jdk Slackware package creation and installation

  1. Open the installation medium (cd containing the ‘extra’ directory or the dvd) in a file manager.
  2. Find the directory ‘java’ in the ‘extra’ directory of the installation medium
  3. Copy the ‘java’ folder to any place in your system.
  4. Download the jdk tarball ( Let it be jdk-7u7-linux-x64.tar.gz for example ) from Oracle website and copy it to the JAVA_PATH ( which is the copied ‘java’ directory path, like /home/abhi/java )
  5. Unzip the Slackbuild tarball inside the JAVA_PATH directory and copy the jdk into the Slackbuild directory
  6. Make Slackbiuld script executable, i.e, #chmod +x JAVA_PATH/java.SlackBuild
  7. Run the Slackbuild script, cd JAVA_PATH && ./java.SlackBuild  /tmp/jdk-7u7-linux-x64.txz
  8. Run the command   upgradepkg –install-new jdk-7u7-linux-x86_64-1.txz
  9. Create java programs and test your java skills

Happy coding and Happy slacking buddies 🙂