Setting up the Java Dev Environment in Slackware 14 – Part 2

So we have installed the jdk in the Slackware system ( part I ). But for java program development it is not enough, for effective management of code we need to have a good Ides. And two of them are Eclipse and Netbeans.


First Method :

  • Download the Eclipse for Gnu/Linux from here. Choose the appropriate version and type.
  • Extract the downloaded compressed files to the location where you want to install them. You might have to have the admin privileges.for example : if I want to install eclipse in/opt of Slackware ( a good choice to install non default Slackware  programs)
    # cp  /opt
    # cd /opt
    # tar xzvf
  • Change directory ownership to your user/group.
    # chown -R  eclipse
  • Create link in desktop, Menu.
  • Click on the icon and give the workspace directory on start up.
  • Use your Eclipse IDE.

Second Method : There exists links to the sites which provides installers, download them and install eclipse (You might have to have admin rights)

Third Method : Use Slack builds.


  • Download the installer from here , which is a script file.
  • Install Netbeans as admin
    #bash <>

    and follow the installer window instructions

  • Use Netbeans.

Other Options

There is an editor called JEdit which has plenty of  plugins to empower it for code management.

Happy Slacking guys 🙂