Setting up the Java Dev Environment in Slackware 14 – Part 3


This is the third part in the series ‘Setting up the Java Dev Environment in Slackware‘. The previous part was to discuss about how to install IDEs for java development in Slackware. And it was ending with mentioning IntelliJ IDEA but without giving the steps to install it. So this part will be dealing with that.

Steps for installation :

  1. Download the Gnu/Linux package.
  2. Login as root :
    $ su
    $ Password:
  3. Copy the downloaded file to /opt/ :
    # cp /home/user/downloads/ideaIC-12.1.4.tar.gz   /opt/
  4. Uncompress the file and rename the uncompressed directory :
    # cd /opt/
    # tar -xzvf /opt/ideaIC-12.1.4.tar.gz
    # mv -f ideaIC-12.1.4/ idealC
  5. Create an executable file :
    # touch /usr/bin/IDEA 
    # chmod 755 /usr/bin/IDEA
    Open the file in an editor
    # vim /usr/bin/IDEA
    and paste the following lines

    export IDEA_HOME="/opt/idealC/bin" 
    $IDEA_HOME/ $* 

    OR we can directly link the `IDEA_HOME/`

    # ln -fs /opt/idealC/bin/ /usr/bin/IDEA

    but I think the first approach is the neat one.

  6. Create an entry in menu :
    Create an entry in KDE or XFCE Menu.

Slackware Family Tree

Slackware Family Tree

Slackware Family Tree

Image Source : wikimedia

How to install Firefox in slackware

firefox-banner_zpsc37a2a6eI am using Slackware 14 in my machine which is coming with firefox 15 pre-installed. But as newer versions of firefox came out I badly wanted to try them out. I could have used slackpkg or txz packages or slackbuild but I thought I could give a shot to the binaries from Mozilla site.

System : Slackware 14 on a Dell Vostro 1015n laptop.
Software version : Firefox 21

so here goes the steps

Ensure that you have all the required libraries

GTK+ 2.18 or higher
GLib 2.22 or higher
Pango 1.14 or higher
X.Org 1.0 or higher (1.7 or higher is recommended)
libstdc++ 4.3 or higher

Mozilla recommends that a Linux system also have the following libraries or packages installed:

NetworkManager 0.7 or higher
DBus 1.0 or higher
HAL 0.5.8 or higher
GNOME 2.16 or higher

Luckily Slackware 14 is coming with all the necessary libraries so don’t have to worry about that.

Download the correct file :

As 32 bit version will not run in 64 bit os without some libraries and viseversa.

Copy the file to /opt/ :

# cp "firefox.tar.bz2" /opt

Extract the file :

# tar -xjvf /opt/firefox.tar.bz2

Create an entry in /usr/bin :

# ln -fs /opt/firefox/firefox /usr/bin/firefox

To remove/uninstall firefox :

#rm -rf /opt/firefox /usr/bin/firefox


N.B :

If flash player is not working after the installation, that is probably because in the new installation plugin directory is changed. So you can fix it by copying the ‘’ file to the corresponding plugin directory.