About Slacker Boy

Hi all 🙂

I am Abhilash

Software engineer by profession and slacker by choice

Other than computers, I love to travel and read :), yeah I likes to write too.


By the way I have one more blog, its a kind of personal project for me to mature as a good writer 😉 here is the link http://elementsofarestlessmind.wordpress.com


4 thoughts on “About Slacker Boy

  1. Hi, slackerboy! Can You help me to get my Dell Inspiron to talk Wi/Fi?
    When I got the box it had Windows8 in it, wifi running OK, but since I’d like to use Slackware I changed OS. Problem: wifi doesn’t work! Wired connection is up and running so I can connect the Internet but I think wifi is smoother. What can I do to get my wifi up and running?

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